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Tecnicanet is a company specialized in the provision of Information Technology, Telecommunications, Security and Video Surveillance services, created to provide the necessary security to entrepeneurs and directors adapting to each required need

Our team has more than 15 years of experience in the computer field ad with a deep focus to the permanent update.

Tecnicanet offers a customized solution for each client thanks to the highly trained and centralized personnel in supplying the solution that optimizes the resources of our company


Our mission is to be the best service provider of IT Solutions. To achieve this, we established a culture that supports the members of our team so that we can develop individually and in groups, with the aim of growing at a human level and providing exceptional professional service to our clients.


Our vision is to guarantee that the client has confidence in our services and in our team of proffesionals who have a close, honest and realiable treatment, delegating their needs in our company. 


Among the values that are the engines of our company and are: 


Technological Vanguard 



Great Reliability

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